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The single most important component of your simulator is the launch monitor. The data it provides determines whether the ball flight you see on your screen matches what you would see on the course or the driving range.

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The Foresight Difference

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How We Measure

Our launch monitors use a combination of infrared object-tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of club head and ball launch performance.

By capturing thousands of images per second, building a virtual 3D model, and then analysing a multitude of data components, our technology is able to create the most accurate and complete picture of your ball and club head performance – and deliver the results in real-time.

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Camera Based Technology

Our GC launch monitors use exact photometric measurements taken with a clear, direct view of the impact window.

Our launch monitors measure club head data by directly imaging the club face. This provides far more reliable and accurate data than systems which are positioned behind the golfer and have no direct view of the club face.

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The Most True-To-Life Golf Simulation Experience

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